4e Monk project update

I updated my 4e Monk class somewhat.  Many of the powers were balanced around the assumption that a monk would be using a 1d6 attack and would not have access to striker bonus damage.

The first assumption was untrue because of their proficiencies, although its impact would be fairly minor.

The second assumption was untrue because of multiclassing, and was not so easily fixed.

Damage from powers has generally declined across the board, but the monk now has access to a 1d6/2d6/3d6 bonus damage effect.  He can apply this damage once per round when striking an enemy who is already under the effect of Quivering Palm.  The base Quivering Palm effect, in turn, is no longer limited to one target at a time; I’ll see whether that needs to change as I continue to test.

Aside from the damage, certain effects were changed or removed for balance purposes.

I haven’t yet gotten around to revising the paragon paths or epic destinies to match.  That’ll be my next step.  Some of those are pretty overpowered.


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